jueves, 21 de junio de 2012


Let's build meaning together!
   I've always liked teamwork at school, at the prof, nowadays co-working with Patsy and of course, in life. I really enjoy sharing opinions, giving/receiving pieces of advice, creating texts, plannings, material, whatever with someone else. I strongly believe that this is the only way to grow proffessionally and personally.
   Last Friday Patsy and I shared the last assembly of our mini-project called "June 20: Flag day". Although monitoring the work of 40 students at the beginning was difficult because they were quite noisy, when the class finished we felt so proud and happy for the kids since they could solve the tasks as a team with all the resourses available (netbooks, dictionaries and the materials for making the posters and flags). Another good decision was to mix up the two classes so they could interact with other mates.
     After this result we decided to make these type of assemblies more often. Next time we´re going to share a workshop on BULLYING and CYBERBULLYING in which we´re going to reflect together about this social issue and we´ll try to find solutions to it and of course we want mixed groups again! If you´re interested in the text that triggers all the analysis and the reflections you can have a look at it in the net, it is a piece of "digital literature". Maybe you like it and you can show it to your learners.


Bully for You: Mother's Profile, by C. Joseph