sábado, 20 de abril de 2013

Positive feedback and self-steem

Last year when we started preparing the planning of the first weeks Patsy and I went to the library to look for Teaching Kids to Care & Cooperate by Scholastic to look for some activities related to values and Patsy found a beautiful idea: having a book called "Appreciation Copybook" to assess good attitudes and values. She immediately prepared a copybook to circulate among the homes. The results were very fruitful: both parents and kids loved reading all the positive feedback. I always forgot to do it and then I thought I should have done it since the beginning and the year went by without the "Appreciation Copybook". Now when I see the positive impact it’s having this year with my new group I regret not having done it last year because I could have changed many attitudes and behavior of some particular cases.
With Patsy we believe that this activity it’s even more effective for children that are not so good in the academic aspect since you’re highlighting issues not related to the subject and it will help him/her to feel more confident and improve.