miércoles, 22 de agosto de 2012

Catering in the classroom

The last computing lesson before winter holidays was very interesting and enriching and I realized the importance of catering for students interests and needs. Andy was delivering a lesson on hacking which aim was not to make them feel afraid or worried, but to inform and prevent. He created a game with a padlock to show the kids how difficult it is to hack an account so that they realized that in order not to have problems with social networks or e-mail accounts was to always log out correctly and never using personal information in passwords. The amazing thing for me was that he brought an example of "hacking" or forgetting to log out for the girls and for the boys: a friend of him who relized that her ex-girlfriend was in love with him because she still used the same password in her e-mail account (their names) and another friend who cheated a boy in an online game about football. All the kids were amazed, they had fun but at the same time they learned about these important tips for preventing problems on line.

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  1. Ani, it is very interesting to see how much we can learn by watching other teachers an the ways each of us has as well as our experiences...
    What is more providing sts with topics they are intersted is the key to success!