lunes, 21 de octubre de 2013

Do report cards really show children`s performance?

By Miss Patsy and Miss Anne

Every time we have to complete report cards we have the feeling that they are messy and too long, which may lead to confusion.
At the same time they are too time consuming and we are not sure if they really reflect children`s performance. Besides, comparing the Spanish legal report cards to ours they are very direct as regards subjects and values too: “convivencia” has a mark but this aspect is not unfolded into other categories.
Our idea is to create a prototype of a new, balanced, useful clear and tidier report card. Being aware that we are T B L followers, we thought of designing a report card that represents this approach. It would be for 2nd cycle, but in case this model or a similar one is implemented at school, teachers that are specialized in 1st cycle can adapt it since they have other routines, other success criteria for the learners and they are experts at this age group.
We are aware that there have been several attemps to modify the current report card but we decided to invest some time to design a more practical document. Another aspect that we would like to change is the translation into Spanish. Just to make sure that parents get the right meaning of each issue of the following course of action:
A) Upload a Spanish version of the report card in the school´s web page

B) Having a big prototype in the classroom the day we deliver the report cards (1st lap) so parents are informed about the changes and can follow their kids performance guided by the teacher. By doing this we feel that we also involve parents in a deeper way.


Assembly Time

The student is able to:
Have clear pieces of opinion

Make an effort to convey meaning

Connect with ≠ situations, stories, anecdotes, etc.

Make good use of:
  1. Collocations

  1. Functions

  1. tenses

Apply ≠ strategies to solve tasks

Participate actively during Reporting Time

Written Work

Make a clear handwriting

Avoid spelling mistakes

Profit from dictionaries and panels

Produce coherent pieces of writing

Include new vocabulary and collocations

Use punctuation and capitalization appropriately



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