lunes, 6 de abril de 2015

Seeing old things with fresh eyes

Well, the time came to start working with a new "sister-teacher". I have been teaching the same age group and working with the same person  for four lovely years. I had always wondered what it would be like to change coworker or to be"the expert" of the level. We had worked so well with Patsy, always on the same wavelength, always so comforted by her experience, advice and care that I had mixed feelings when finishing the year.
The truth is that we are working perfectly with Sabri, she has found very interesting videos, material and webpages to complement and update the "Lands"of  the "Voyage" that is 4th form.  She has also done a lot to create all the Drive folders and I feel really comfortable with presenting our work like this (until last year we had always presented the plans in the copybook), it is very tidy, organized and clear.
In conclusion, my impression is that it is great to see the things we´ve been doing up to now in this level with fresh eyes. I also think that changing the frame of the unit planner supported by the 21st Century Skills theory has been important too since it gives a lot of professionalism and background to our work as educators.

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  1. Ani, that is the point swing things with a new piar of eyes! This is the challenge for all of us. Education needs this... We need to rethink, evaluate, and reshape permanently!
    Thanks for taking the challenge.
    What impact can you observe in your teaching?
    in Which ways kids benefit frpm this fresh pair of eyes?

  2. Ani,
    both Cele and Sabri have written about change, which implies growing as a teacher. You are a responsible teacher who is always working hard to achieve the goals and help students. You've grown as a proffesional since you set foot at Newlands and I have seen you do it. I'm really proud of you and sharing every single week day is a pleasure!
    I hope you have a fantastic year with Sabri!!